Promoting research and services


Will you help promote my work?

For promoting commercial services or products, please see the very end of the FAQ. The rest of the following information is targeted at researchers. 

We get a lot of researchers from universities contacting us, asking us to help them form a focus group, or send out a survey regarding trans issues. We get so many, we really can't send them all on without spamming our members.

Bear in mind, people don't generally love filling out surveys, and our members are no different. It will be hard to get people interested in joining a focus group, too. It's an extra constraint on a person's time which does not feel worth while to them. 

How about if I offer a monetary incentive?

That might very well increase the number of respondents, but for ethical reasons (and the practical reasons already listed), offering an incentive does not make FTM London more likely to promote your research. You will have to find another way to get us interested! 

How can I generate interest?

If you want to gain the interest of the trans community, the best thing to do would be to give a presentation and run a Q&A, then leave your details with people who are interested in helping further.   

That way, you give our members a reason to care about your research, by explaining how it effects them. If you put yourself out there, you are more likely to be considered an ally of the community, and people are more likely to want to help you.   

It will also help you build important contacts in the future, and will foster a discussion that certain individuals may be happy to consider discussing further in a focus group setting, now that they know you. 

Can I be a guest speaker at FTM London?

You are fairly likely to be permitted to be a guest speaker, if you ask. We are always looking for new and interesting things to discuss in meetings.

We welcome any guest speakers who have something genuinely interesting to say in regards to trans issues. If you want to give guest speech on your work, email us a pitch at our address:

It doesn't have to be anything fancy; just lay out what you want to say and why it matters. Give us an idea of the length.

We prefer research which is focused on transmen rather than trans people in general (i.e., trans women). A gender non-binary focus is OK, especially if it leans towards those on the female-born / transmasculine spectrum. 

How should I go about presenting?

Most importantly, make it more about the issues and less about the methodology. For example, don't have three PowerPoint slides on how you need a random selection of 25-40 year old transmen. Focus on why your research matters, and how it will help transmen.

You do not need to have a PowerPoint presentation, but it often helps to have a visual component for your audience to focus on, and it usually makes them feel more comfortable. 

What kinds of subjects are you interested in?

Voice therapy, non-binary identity, physical and mental health of trans people, services for trans people, surgery, political or social changes effecting trans people, points of law and legal processes affecting trans people, the place of trans people in particular institutions such as the police, army, prisons, sports clubs... If it relates to us, the world is your oyster.  


Bear in mind, we get a great deal of people interested in talking about trans voice therapy, so try not to be too disappointed if we do not feel the time is right for that subject. In any case, trans voice therapy is of greater interest to transwomen than transmen. 


Can't I just come and sit in on a meeting?

We do not generally permit researchers to simply sit in on meetings, even if you ask real nice. We prefer attendees to be on the transmasculine spectrum, so that the space remains a designated safe place for transmen. This rule also applies to non-trans friends and family members of attendees.

If you are a researcher who happens to be on the transmasculine spectrum, by all means come, but we ask that you please do not use the meeting simply as a platform for self-promotion. 

What if the information shared in a Q&A is sensitive?

We respect that official participants in studies may wish to remain confidential. However, it can be useful for your research to collect some notes and quantitative data before moving onto proper interviews.

Our members are often quite open people, willing to share even the very most personal stories about their lives, their transition, their physical and mental health.   

Moreover, the group space encourages this discussion, because we are among friends. It is much less intimidating than attending an official focus group with a small selection of unknown people and a stranger with a clipboard.

You will be amazed what you can learn if you just let members talk freely to each other during Q&A sessions for as long as they like.

It is up to you to decide how to use this information within the ethical guidelines of academic research. Only remember that what is said in FTM London groups is considered confidential by default. 

I want to promote a service for trans people. Will you help?

That really depends on whether the service is needed or wanted by the trans community. It should preferably also be something new, or something with a new slant. You can also pitch a presentation if you think it would help, but it should not be overly commercial.   

Again, it should focus on how this will help the community. It should be all heart, not a sales pitch. It should be well thought out and the right mix of realistic and ambitious, with information about how far the project has come already, if appropriate.   

People who demonstrate a sensitivity or connection to the community are more likely to be considered. 

Transmen are not really interested in facial or body hair removal treatments - those are better aimed at transwomen.

I want to promote a product aimed at trans people. Will you help?

Generally, products are less appealing to us because there are fewer important products that provide aid to transmen and transition.   

We are unlikely to consider a product presentation unless it is one of the following key areas: binders and other compression clothing or swim gear; stand-to-pee devices; packers; and other such essential “passing” accessories.

Transmen are not really interested in wigs or other hairpieces – those are better aimed at transwomen. 

Any questions?

Hopefully we've covered it all here. If you are looking for further info or want to sent a pitch, email at the usual address: