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4th November: Hung Jury?

Phalloplasty talk from Nim Christopher

We had an important talk on phalloplasty and bottom surgery options with Mr Nim Christopher, an accomplished microsurgeon and Consultant Uroandrologist at St Peter's Andrology Centre, London. 

If you get referred for bottom surgery in the UK, Mr Christopher is likely to your guy. He has played a central role in the development of our phalloplasty techniques and is heavily committed to our work in this area.   

SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family and Allies) were also welcomed to this talk.

The talk was a great success and there will be an upload of the filmed talk on our YouTube shortly.

6th October: Let's talk about...

Sexual health services with CliniQ

This month, we heard from Leo Robinson of CliniQ, a trans founded and led free sexual health and wellbeing service attached to 56 Dean Street, Soho, London. Specialising in trans specific services, CliniQ is unique and pioneering, and we heard more about their services, including counselling, housing advice, mentoring, PrEP and PEP (HIV treatments).

2nd September: GIC Gossip

A chance to talk about GICs and how they can be improved

We talked about Gender Identity Clinics (GICs), to discuss some of the issues relating to the NHS England consultation, which is working on improving the service of GICs such as Charring Cross. Several members of the committee attended the consultation to relay some of the thoughts and concerns expressed by members at the meeting.

5th August: Pride Brighton Alt

A casual group for people who aren't going to Pride Brighton

This year, Pride Brighton clashed with this month's FTM London meet up.

As an alternative, FTM London ran a casual group, with a few snacks and block puzzles which confused everybody.

We also welcomed Charlie Kiss, ex-Chair of the committee, who gave a short talk and Q&A on his recently released memoirs, ‘A New Man’. 

More information on A New Man can be found here:

1st July: Crafty Pride Prep

Custom T-shirt designing for Pride London

As Pride was on the 8th, we got into the spirit with a crafty session – we brought bringing some craft materials for decorating T shirts to wear at the parade.

We did “freezer stencils” and fabric pens / puffy paint for freehand designs. Some people just made simple placards.  

It was such a success, we're thinking of making it a yearly thing.