Entry and Membership Fees

Why become a member?

To keep ourselves going, we charge members on the door per meeting. An annual membership fee lets you get into our monthly meetings cheaper. See the bottom of the page for the nitty gritty of cost per meeting. 

Your first visit to FTM London is free.

Do I have to become a member to attend meetings?

No, absolutely not. And you don't need to sign up to annual membership to be added to our mailing list. 

We want you to come, even if you don't want to commit to a subscription fee. So the emails that tell you when, what and where will still come to you, if you want them.

I'm worried about my personal details...

Any personal information you give is kept strictly confidential and is used solely for membership purposes. We keep group emails anonymous from other members of the group.

Our membership is also securely stored and is not uploaded to online storage. Nor is it kept on any unprotected computer.

How much is membership? I'm not sure I can afford it...

Our membership is cheap, and we offer discounts on membership costs and door fees for the unemployed, students or other concessions.

We are an organisation with a charitable outlook. No one is excluded from membership due to their financial circumstances. 

Membership fees and meeting costs can be waived on request for those in financial hardship. Just ask us if you need the meeting to be free. We won't say no.

(Or, if you have anxiety, you can just walk straight past us. We'll assume you have good reason and we won't stop you.)

Per meeting costs

Members: £4

Members, concession : £3

Non-members: £6

Non-members, concession: £4

Annual membership costs

FTM: £12

FTM concessions: £8

Non-FTM: £12

This is if SOFFAs (Signification Others, Family, Friends and Allies) want to join.

Organisations: £20

This is for organisations that want to join our mailing list.