For people with anxiety

We will always endeavour to make events as easy as possible for people who are not so comfortable socially. If you have any thoughts as to how to make FTM London friendlier to people with anxiety, we would be delighted to hear it. 

You can email us at

Thus far, we're wary to avoid or reduce, as much as we can:  

- The need to stand up in front of everyone;

- The need to speak alone to a large group;

- The need to pick a team to join, or choose individuals to join a team;

- The need for small talk, or talking without a theme or topic;

- The need to do anything embarrassing or too extroverted, like miming (charades);

- The need to present, alone, anything you can get "wrong" (the answers to quizz questions, etc);

- The need to touch or make eye contact with others.

It's true that sometimes, a bit of small talk and talking to a group is unavoidable. From experience, however awkward you're feeling, it's more fun if you take part, and never quite as awkward as you think. 

But, we all have good days and bad days. If you really aren't feeling it for whatever reason, all you have to do is say "Can I skip?" when it's your turn to speak or whatever, and we'll say "Of course!" and ask that others respect your choice as well.

If there's something you want to say and there's time to tell us about it, we can also put it forward for you during group discussions. You could even send them in advance by email, once you know the meeting's theme.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in meetings, while helping you get the answers you need. We try to keep meetings open and adaptable, so anyone can excuse themselves or use the side rooms and coffee area if they are uncomfortable with the main event.

For anyone nervous about finding the venue and navigating around it, check out our Walkthrough section: