What else do we do?


Trans And Gender non-conforming Swimming is a place for transguys to swim in safety.

Fridays 8:30–10pm

Glass Mill Leisure Centre, 41 Loampit Vale, SE13 7FT London.

The nearest station is Lewisham. It also runs on the third Monday each month at:

Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, Adelaide Road, NW3 3NF.

TAGS Queer Walks

Trans+ and queer inclusive.  For further info on Swimming and Queer Walks contact robertatrans21@gmail.com.  

clinicQ Yoga

Trans and Queer yoga

Wednesdays 6–7pm

Except the last Wednesday of the month, which is 5.15–6.15pm 

clinicQ, 56 Dean St, Soho, London
W1D 6AE 

Mid-Month Event

In the middle of the month, we run a casual event, usually a meal. Sign up to our emails to stay in the loop.


This is an FTM mentoring scheme, where two members share their experiences one-on-one on a regular basis. To apply to be a mentor or mentee, drop us a line.

Binder Scheme

We're setting up an exciting new binder scheme. It will involve making custom orders for our members. Watch this space for updates.